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Welcome to Changampally Ayurveda Vaidyasala

Welcome to Changampally Ayurveda Vaidyasala and Nursing home where one will get various Ayurvedic Treatments, teaching Ayurvedic courses under one roof, and also curriculum in Kalari Marma Treatments and manufacturers of branded products in Ayurvedic and its formulations.

Manufacturing Unit

The Manufacturing Unit of Changampally Ayurveda Vaidyasala is a GMP Certified Unit. The present production area is around 12500 sq.ft. The manufacturing unit is located at Kattipparuthy near Valanchery, a suburb of Malappuram.

The plant is also equipped with modern types of equipment so that tradition can take advantage of modern technology's speed, accuracy, and hygiene. The products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the traditional Ayurvedic prescriptions and principles.

Changampally Ayurveda Vaidyasala is one of the leading and ancient Ayurvedic manufacturing company producing more than 600 Ayurvedic medicines and various self-patented ayurvedic formulations, under the supervision of well qualified and experienced ayurvedic doctors, we are proud to say that they all are from changampally family.

The unit operates on manufacturing license issued by the Drug controller of state and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate issued by the Government.


Stil, we consider its traditions sacred in spite of the advent of most modern quality control method and materials. We still believe in the traditional sensory quality control like the sense of smell, taste, naked eye examination of consistency in addition to modern quality scientific lab. We are using firewood for preparing the medicine. Even though it is risky to accommodate the firewood. But we are using it's for to maintain our traditional quality.

All the medicines are marketed through our branches, agencies, and franchisees after the strict examination of our traditional quality control wing and well-equipped modern scientific lab. Now we have more than 100 branches, agencies, and franchisees.


This division produces thousands of Ayurvedic medicines, under the supervision of well-qualified and experienced Ayurvedic professionals. Important among them are as follows.